Marketing With Entertainment & Visual Imagery


Entertainment can take many forms, but the benefits for corporate marketers to small businesses are the same. It attracts significant audiences on site, broadcast, online and in other ways while offering multiple PR (Promotion - Advertising – Merchandising and more) platforms to deliver measurable results. The entertainment formats and venues are limitless. SMG can custom tailor an Entertainment Marketing Program to achieve defined sales and marketing objectives while fitting the infrastructure, culture and budget of any client.

The choices are unlimited:

  • Music: Potential talent and formats are limitless. Well-known or upcoming talent can be developed into proprietary programs that would be difficult for your competition to duplicate. SMG is has an ongoing developmental program within all segments of the entertainment world to assure our clients the freshest most original ideas.
  • Entertainers/Celebrities: Available talent, from an assorted variety of fields, (singers, actors, athletes, magicians, dancers and the list goes on) from the highly recognized to those with unique talents, can create measurable results. Again the key is an SMG marketing strategy custom tailored to your situation.
  • Evocative/Emotive Entertainment: is a marketing approach using entertainment to evoke memories of something pleasant from an earlier stage of the audience's lives, such as music from their youth, a celebrity or film, which in turn creates a positive emotional response that forms a beneficial receptive environment between the audience and the sponsor of such a program.

Content Development: It is difficult for the competition to duplicate proprietary sponsored programming that is core to a successful marketing strategy. SMG can develop original content in any format or medium.

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