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Events are "experiences" designed to achieve specific results. Drive traffic, generate leads, build databases, enhance trade relationships and in general enhance the profitability of those firms participating in them.

They can range from an entertainment event reaching thousands to efforts to increase the ROI of a trade show. Again smart marketing is defining what one wants to achieve and then developing and implementing the plan of action that creates the desired results. Is it a private "Dinner with the Champ" event for VIP clients or a schmooze with Smokin Joe Frazier or is it a traveling tour/exhibition in high traffic venues designed to attract the interests of a targeted audience, or an entertainment based "experience" that acts as a PR/Promotion platform driving retail and Internet traffic. Smart Marketing Group works closely with clients to define what they want to achieve, how to do it and do it all within an agreed upon budget.

"The test of an enjoyment is the remembrance it leaves behind."
- Logan Pearsall Smith

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