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"Good judgment comes from experience.
Experience comes from bad judgment. - Bob Packwood"

When one thinks about niche markets obvious ones come to mind related to demographic segments, specific areas of interests, sports or hobbies, or perhaps specific occupations and the list can go on and on.

There is also another aspect of niche marketing and that is identifying overlooked or neglected opportunities .

SMG has learned from experience over the last 5 decades that every business no matter what industry it is in, tends to the same way as others as everyone in that industry, until someone takes the time to examine the sameness factors , the common denominators and when they do they will always find an overlooked opportunity, a niche-marketing situation. Smart Marketing believes there are hundreds if not thousands of such "openings." A few examples are described here..

Smart Marketing.... is niche marketing

Which allows you to outthink your competition rather then outspend them.

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